Thursday, 31 October 2013

Video Logs: "& Son" Tutorials - Week 5

Hello Everyone,

Another week gone and nearly another too! Things are heating up, we are looking to finalize our turnarounds and some expression sheets by the end of this week. There are costume and colour tests well on their way from us so keep your eyes peeled! We are using a really cool light box process which I got from the first Iron Man movie so Ill post up a little Intel on that when ready. We have quite a bit of work cut out for us still but I'm hopeful that most of the little odds and ends of our project will sort themselves out by the end of this week... We can get down to some concept art and maybe begin the Pre-Viz.

The audio logs for Week 5 only include Alan as Phil had a Crit with the Year 1 class. I spent the rest of the day helping Sammy stick down storyboards on her wallpaper (sorry I mean storyboard). Alan gave a few last minute pointers with regard to its direction and optimization of some of the panels. Sammy retroactively changed the storyboards to suit some of Alan's suggestions in the hope of making the story simpler in certain areas. There is no doubt in my mind that she is probably home right now inking up those boards for some inspiring animatic... Cant wait.

Alan Tutorial


This week in our tutorial we showed Alan our storyboards this far. Alan liked the theatre world that our storyboards suggest, this started the discussion of Wes Anderson. Among his films a "A Life Aquatic" and "the Royal Tenenbaums". Alan also suggested we use a less Aggressive tone for the ending of the animation. Instead of snapping his Son's catapult he has a flashback just before doing so in which he remembers his father Snapping his paintbrush. Sammy also got her nahnah nah nahnah moment for Alan suggesting that screwing up the paper on his desk is too Aggressive. (Something I suggested previously) DOH!

We still have a bit of a journey ahead but everything seems to be going according to plan. Next week we have the Greenlight review. Now due to the fact that there is no final Crit this will be the only time we pitch so hopefully we haven't got many things to correct. I'd also like to have some concept art by Next Friday...Hey ho!!

Take it easy!

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