Monday, 14 October 2013

The Mother's Song

Possible songs to represent the mother. We discussed, with Tutor Phil, the idea of a song that represented the mother and her happy life philosophy. Something like 'Smile' but of the era... We're now in the search for the right one. Here are a few I've found that could work. A few of these are the cheery disposition songs and others are songs that might have been the mother and father's 'song'.

Some of the lyrics don't start till mid way through... be patient because their all beautiful!

I think its clear that the wonderful Louis Armstrong is the winner as this song fits what we need it for but the others allow for a different angle on it... up to the team.

All these songs were recorded 1939 or before... Louis recorded 'When your Smiling' 3 times so if we use it we just have to make sure we don't use the 50's recording. Duke Ellington also did 'When your Smiling' song in 1930.


  1. There's a nice Billie Holiday version too - trying to find the date, but it's obviously an early recording:

    I really like this choice of song though - has sweetness and sadness.

    1. 1937
      If the team like the song we can try different ones... see which works best with the animatic