Thursday, 17 October 2013

Pre-Production: The Form Army - Final Forms

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I meant to post this the other day but I don't know I had a bad day, first in a while actually so apologies for the delay on these. When I went into university Tuesday I sat down with Sammy and Chrissie as they debated the final 2 3D forms for Bernard and Young Barnabas. I stayed well out of it and checked out their final choices. Before I went in I lined up an entire Army of alternates for Benjamin and Barnabas as to make Barnabas's father and Young Barnabas. Allowing them to see and rotate around the 3D forms in Maya I felt helped them make a more informed decision.

As nice as it is seeing forms head on you are merely experiencing them flat. To be able to rotate round them tells you something about their construction and form. It even tells you something about how they look in perspective which is valuable information for concept art. Anyway after they made their decisions I lined everything up and they scaled the sizes of the characters. We didn't think it would be wise to keep Benjamin huge. After that I went home and knocked up a couple of images before tanking out in bed... The delay came the day after and I been picking myself up since...

Anyway the forms are here now so take a look at the final choices!!

We started out with what I like to call the Form Army... There were 20 variants of Benjamin's final form and 20 variants of Barnabas's final form. This not only allowed them to choose Bernard and Young Barnabas's forms but it also allowed Chrissie and Sammy the option of changing our chosen forms for Barnabas and Benjamin with one of the others. I wasn't against anything here as I knew the forms were sound just slightly deviated from each other... I didn't rock the boat too much on these alternates just to keep the form and character feel intact.

After all that we were left with these as the final forms. Sammy and Chrissie were happy with the Barnabas and Benjamin forms we already had. They just chose Form 12 for Bernard and Form 15 for Young Barnabas. Of course at this point the scale of the characters was completely out so that was the next thing they addressed. With the only issue being scale the ZTools can still be used individually for poses or to understand the form of the character. I dumped the ZTools for each form in our shared drop box to give the ladies access to this basic primitive designs...

The image above shows the final scale choices for each character. The kids obviously have to be significantly smaller then Barnabas and Bernard that goes without saying. The debate we were having was whether or not Barnabas's father should be bigger then him. I opted for Barnabas being bigger eventually I guess it was my way of letting him surpass the old man in some way. Bernard's form has a longer physique but less heavy set shoulders. Bernard is shorter but only a tad, I guess the girls wanted to keep the forms very similar to each other...

The image above shows them together in a family snapshot, (that's what I like to call it). This was just my excuse to show the final forms all together to see if they create a vibe... I think I said "Is it an Adams family line up?" Not quite but then again they are only basic forms for now.. What these should allow everyone to do now is go away and knock up character concept... Especially if they begin working out the blueprints for each character... This will aid them in recreating the form in poses, if they get stuck with a pose load the form in ZBrush and pose it crudely... then render it and draw over it yourself to get the perspective right...

Well now that all of this is done I will be moving away from characters for a bit while I get our set construed and figured out. The next development of these models will be when I am finally sitting down to add detail in ZBrush. Before then we have concept art and some environment work to figure out but at the moment I'm not too worried... Doing poses for these other two characters is not fundamental as I proved my point with Barnabas and Benjamin's forms... Now we just have to keep stepping forward one foot in front of the other!!

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