Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Video Logs: "& Son" Tutorials - Week 2

Hello Everyone,

Another consecutive post, as these are primarily for my partners in crime Chrissie and Sammy I will start this post by saying: "Click the play button on the little grey quick time boxes to play the audio files". I am just informing you of this as I did not in the first audio log post. They may take a few seconds to load depending on your internet speeds. Also listen to them one at a time unless you want recordings playing across each other. Again you probably know how to do all of this I am just mentioning it to set my own mind at ease...

I am catching up on a bit of a back log with these files (we are mid week 3 right now). I will aim to post future audio logs every Friday after our respective tutorials. I just had to find the right format here and get it under control. Every new thing I implement I have to first learn the proper HTML coding which can be confusing as I am not a programmer. Now that everything is set up, getting these posts together should be as simple as copying the code template of former posts. I just have to change the links, I had to use my personal web space to host these audio files as they are quite large.

Alan Tutorial
Phil Tutorial


This week was mostly about the story of "& Son" with Director Sammy Butler relaying her new narrative Draft to our lecturers. Phil's  mainconcern was with the absence of the mothers legacy suggesting that we make the mother more present within the Narrative with the suggested absence of creativity for the father & Son. Alan's concern was with setting up the mothers absence, so it is not a gaping hole within "& Son's" Story. Sammy implemented a butterfly to symbolize the mother, something which has since been edited out. Too complicated.

I hope these tutorials are providing a little refresher for everyone. Chrissie, Sammy - you may wish to give these notes a once over (as I have). Really helps to get to grips with what has been said. Could be some answers to looming questions... Just saying!

Take it easy!

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