Monday, 28 October 2013

Benjamin's Build-up

I needed to have a practice drawing Benjamin from Chrissie's designs for the animatic so I thought I'd break him down into the shape build-up.

1. I drew over Chrissie's design
2. I used circles and lines to build up his structure and features
3. Check it looked ok without the sketch behind
4. Then used it to draw Benji again to see if I got the same character at the end
5. Yup

The main test comes when I have to move the build-up into a new position...

1. I had to create a new head shape but I could use the original as reference for proportion. 
2. Drew over the new build-up
3. Then added in a few details... 

A few tweeks needed but I can use it for the Animatic at least :D