Thursday, 10 October 2013

Initial Character Ideas in Sketches

I've been making a few quick sketches... some are from our sketch jam in week 1 and then a few more as we began to flesh out the character's details.

Barnabas Badgersworth

Working from our chosen form from Stitch's models I roughed out the shape and then added ideas out how the suit might fall on him. I imagine it to be quite rigid to reflect his own rigidity. I also looked at his face shape and proportions. Now the character motivation has changed I thought of him having a softer face, still long and shallow but with less edges and less exaggerated features. This will encourage the audience to feel greater sympathy.

Benjamin Badgersworth

Again I worked from the model Stitch had made, and we all thought worked the best, to sketch out these designs. Chrissie said she wanted a squashed circle head shape with long ears so I worked in those boundaries at a few variations. #2 is a copy-cat of Chrissie's I believe. We think the eyes are very 'Disney' but that maybe it's not a bad thing when trying to evoke sympathy in a short amount of time?


I've sketched some ideas for the Fat Man and Small Lady... just loose workings of a sketch jam with the team. We really want the funeral attendees to be extravagant to be in contrast to the expected mood at a funeral. This should help keep the story on it's tight balance between funny and sad if the characters are grotesques themselves. (#1 of Fat Man was using Winston Churchill as a reference... ended up look too much like him.)

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