Monday, 30 June 2014

Character Development and Turnaround Slideshows

These slideshows will be displayed at New Designers this Wednesday on portrait screens (thus why they're on their sides). They show the development of both Benji and Barnabas and end in a turnaround and walk cycle of each character to demonstrate the models.

Final Edit of & Son

New shots and a sleeker edit to focus the animation on its story.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

New Designers - Edit 1

This is an edit of the original film with a quicker pace. The shots are trimmed and neatened to have only the essential time to allow the action to get across without lingering. It is yet to include the additional shots of story in places that help the father son relationship develop more by filling in unanswered questions. They'll help the story read better for an audience. The team is currently working on these additions so expect them to appear in the next few days.

As always feedback is welcome... particularly if you feel there is still unnecessary shots or a shot lingers still too much.

As it stands 1 min and 40 sec knocked off the original running time. Some rest and revisit with fresh eye might meet with even more trimming!

Changes for New Designers

Additional characters for scene 6 (coffin scene) - Benjamin tries to make a baby laugh

Additional props to pad out the study interior

Replacement drawings for the Introduction scenes

Friday, 20 June 2014

Test Slidesides - Characters

These are the development slideshows for Barnabas and Benjamin ready for New Designers... Next stage is to include the turnarounds and walk cycles currently rendering! We're undecided as to whether the text and logos work for these videos adding professionalism or if they clutter the screen? As always, feedback is welcome!



Sunday, 15 June 2014

Post-Production: Shot 54 Frog Jump Revisited

Hello Everyone,

Getting back into the swing of things again, been busy with freelance stuff but now we gotta get stuff going for new designers. Yesterday we went back and had a second look at some of the moments of our short and are creating a shorter more precise rendition of "& Son". One of the proposed fixes we looked at was a revised Frog Jump for Shot 54. Of course there were a couple of steps leading up to this so we thought we would show the entire process...

The video above shows where we got to after recreating the Frog Jump and moving some of the guests so they were a part of the reveal from the Barnabas perspective. This was actually a part of the original but it kind of got removed. For this video we added it back after adjusting the Frog Jump which we were told didn't have any weight. Anyway we hope that this is more accurate then the previous one. Obviously this shot is a complete re-render.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Post-Production: Polydoodle Stitch Submission

Stitch Demo Reel

Technical Director Pipeline "& Son"

Character Shaders Technical Document