Sunday, 15 June 2014

Post-Production: Shot 54 Frog Jump Revisited

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Getting back into the swing of things again, been busy with freelance stuff but now we gotta get stuff going for new designers. Yesterday we went back and had a second look at some of the moments of our short and are creating a shorter more precise rendition of "& Son". One of the proposed fixes we looked at was a revised Frog Jump for Shot 54. Of course there were a couple of steps leading up to this so we thought we would show the entire process...

The video above shows where we got to after recreating the Frog Jump and moving some of the guests so they were a part of the reveal from the Barnabas perspective. This was actually a part of the original but it kind of got removed. For this video we added it back after adjusting the Frog Jump which we were told didn't have any weight. Anyway we hope that this is more accurate then the previous one. Obviously this shot is a complete re-render.

Progression Frog Jump: Mark 1 - 6

The videos above show the progression of the Frog Jump animation from its default 15 frame spacing which we gradually migrated smaller and more concentrated. We then offset the frames for certain parts of the body so the jump looked more natural. Some weight was taken out to add "Hang Time" but it was felt to be too much so we reduced it a little again towards the end to give the jump more weight. We just hope this is more what people were expecting of this particular shot.

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