Monday, 21 October 2013

The Storyboard

Over the last few weeks we've been really focusing on getting the story just right. The balance is really delicate between what's going 'too far' at a funeral and making sure the audience can read the character's motivations. I've been drawing rough storyboard cells which we put up on a board so we could go through and physically see the story and how it flows.. take out cells and replace them or leave it, see what is missing from the story etc. We've made quite a few changes from the first draft of the script and even at this early stage in the storyboarding the final story is coming together nicely.

I put together a really quick animatic to get a feeling for the timing. This only features the first two scene which have been altered slightly since I made this as well.

As I work on the ending to the last prank and the last scene, here are the Storyboard cells thus far. Once the story in more final I'll create more refined digital cells to take forward into an animatic. The key changes you might notice are the reactions and responses to the pranks. These alterations help the characters' development, build up the tension and also make it a little more funny.

The Second Draft of the Script

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