Friday, 25 October 2013

Video Logs: The Draft Storyboards

Hello Everyone,

This last few weeks have been a testament to our development of this project. I took this time to sit back and dig into a few hours of the footage which I have gathered specifically from Polydoodle to get another nice Doodler update for this blog and of course the 365 day project site ( After sitting down with Sammy at the end of Week 3 she took some time out to talk through the draft panels of our animated short for Q2 2014 "& Son". I thought I would capture this on my trusty camera although she was not very appreciative of its gaze.

After sitting down with Sammy she talked us through her vision for each shot, which she relayed on each storyboard panel. Chrissie and me were gobsmacked when checking out how long the storyboard was... Sort of put my 2012 "Ashen Bloom" Smoke Stack exploit to shame. Never the less the delicate nature of our short is what requires an abundance of shots for a simple gaze or tilt of the head can mean everything in this particular short. This is something we have all agreed on after discussing this over the past 4 weeks with our Tutors Alan and Phil.

Anyway lets check out the video with commentary from an invading Stitch!

The video above is based entirely on our first draft storyboards. I wanted this mainly so when we are sitting around at Week 15 wiping the sweat from our brow we can look back at this for some nostalgia. It is not only to show how far we have come but also to somewhat explain the storyboarding process for people who have yet to come to grips with its benefits. I do let my introduction trail off throughout the video just to let Sammy explain a couple of details in the short, things you will see come Q2 2014 next year should they make the final edit.

The image above shows Sammy running myself and Art Director Chrissie Peters through her vision for & Son. These boards were so epic that we could not have our tutorial in the office with Alan and Phil, they had to come into the base room with us. That being said as I mentioned before a lot of the shots depict the same character in the same exact angle just with a head tilt here or an idle gaze there. The key is to get the pacing with the actions to ultimately convey emotion. The actions of this animation will be mostly subtle and delicate, that is what we have all agreed on.

On the same day that Sammy was continuing her storyboard drafting Chrissie Peters took some time out of her schedule to show me how simple building a theatre box is. I have to say I was sceptical until I saw what she came up with creating a sliding background & a small moving cart. She even created me some detached clouds to appease my recent Dynamite Headdy fascination. You probably have also noticed the Blue tack models within which are meant to be Benjamin and Barnabas. It was a good exercise and now just makes me want to say....

It has been a little question rattling around my brain but having seen Chrissie do it. It really makes me think we should buy a massive box and knock up some curtains to make a proper little box theatre. I had even mentioned in the earlier stages of this short that it would be nice to go live action, making a theatre box our set where the short is played. This could then play our video before filling the screen. Sammy wasn't too sure but I think it would be a nice little touch if we had the time. Even if that was not the case Sammy and Chrissie want a little theatre for display purposes by next year...

We would then get physical models of our character and then place them in the box theatre it would be quite epic. Never the less that is something that is down the line probably to be done over Christmas or next year. Still I am glad that I have seen this process in action, I had never considered it until Chrissie showed me how cool it looks. Considering our entire set and supporting characters is to be 2D I really do get a physical sense of how it would work on planes within 3D. I would just like to thank Chrissie again for demonstrating this to me... the world is now a less scary place ha-ha

Anyway I'll catch you all later!

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