Sunday, 13 October 2013

Video Logs: "& Son" Tutorials - Week 3

Hello Everyone,

The tutorials for week 3 are up and not too late it being the early hours of Sunday. I know I previously said that I would post these up on the Fridays of our tutorial but I have decided against it due to activity over on the 365 Day Project site ( Basically I have been doing a regular "Doodler" update over on the website and I do an image grab from posts of the week, I also provide our tutorial audio files. For simplicity I decided to move it all to the end of the week so I can post the audio logs here and then on the 365 day project site... Only a 2 day delay!

There have been quite a few posts up on here and while I haven't got everything done that I wanted to I still have make quite a bit of a dent. This week I will begin the planning the environment planes for our short but before that I just want to get some character stuff out of my system. Most of you know by now that environments are not my forte so this will be interesting to attempt. Anyway tutorials of this week were handy we all know our animatic is the key to this short. The Pre-Viz is mainly to encapsulate basic character/camera movement... We got a lot ahead of us!

Alan Tutorial
Phil Tutorial


This week in Alan's tutorial we confirmed that portraying Benjamin as a misunderstood entertainer is the best course of action for his pranking of grieving family members at funerals. This is an extension from the conversations previously in Week 2 with Phil. Alan also told us that our animatic was key to capture the delicate moves and emotion of our short. In Phil's tutorial we discussed the final gag of the short as it may be a bit out of place and a bit too far. In closing we looked at Chrissie and Sammy's character designs before going back to look at Stitch's form tests/poses.

In closing I think it is onwards and upwards right here. It is Week 3 and we have already addressed a number of problems within our short. We are knocking them down one by one. By next week we should be starting concept art and begin refining the character/environment designs.

Take it easy!

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