Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Video Logs: "& Son" Tutorials - Week 1

Hello Everyone,

I have spent a chunk of today figuring out why my audio files have not been loading on this blog properly. Finally figured it out so now I am beginning the tutorial posts. These posts are to show the advice that our course tutors relay on us throughout the development of a unit, animated short, etc. We are given tutorials once a week on a Friday. In the case of our Studio group we see both of our primary CG Arts lecturers Phil Gomm and Alan Postings. This is utilizing both Sammy and Chrissie's tutorial time slots so we get both technical expertise and narrative advice. 

These tutorials are resources for the creation of our short, its a professional overview for our current progress. Each tutorial update will be in the form of an audio file which is because our lecturers are a bit camera shy. Still the advice is there for everyone to see. Who knows, when the short is created you will probably see some of their advice buried within its context. This is just another creative step in a massive line of progress. The recordings are taken by the Dictaphone on my Iphone so the quality is probably not the best... But you should be able to hear highlights.

Alan Tutorial
Phil Tutorial


On week one we were very much debating the direction of the story. We figured that the original animatic which Sammy created back in 2012 was too quick to convey a lot of information. We also established through private deliberation that we wanted to try to make the son "Benjamin" likeable. It was decided that the mother would be the driving force behind this idea to suggest that a son is acting out against his father. This inspires empathy for the child and the father who grieve individually for their loss but are never grieving together.

The summary above highlights some of the key areas of discussion from the tutorials of Week 1. Ladies (Chrissie, Sammy) listen to these if you get a chance or if you need a refresher course. That concludes this little post!

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  1. Stitch :) These are auto playing at the moment... is there a way to stop it from doing it? Otherwise they all just start over eachother lol

  2. Hello Madam!!

    Erm they shouldn't be autoplaying... They don't when I look at the page or when I look at the blog... Autoplay has been disabled for these clips... they should only play when you click them