Thursday, 24 October 2013

Video Logs: "& Son" Tutorials - Week 4

Hello Everyone,

Apologies for the delay on these logs! Stuff has been getting real particularly with the 365 day project ( Most of this week has been looking at the videos I got from some really receptive CG Arts students. I have begun doing a little editing, nothing major as of yet the big unveil wont be until next year. Rest assured nobody has been seen in bad light this far so nobody panic about what they did or did not say. If they went on and on or kept everything brief. It does not matter, these videos are a snapshot of you now... nothing more, nothing less!

The talk of this week has been more about refining our animatic and storyboards, all of which are on their way. I have personally been involved doing character stuff, just making sure we explored everything with enough scope. Character costumes are the next thing up for debate what will then follow will be colour choices. I just want to play with a couple of ideas before we get into the concept art stage of things. Chrissie has been doing the same thing, getting her hands dirty with more character stuff... The environments will come after this round of decisions.

Alan Tutorial
Phil Tutorial


This week in our tutorials we looked specifically at our draft storyboard created by the awesome Sammy Butler. The recordings themselves were made in the main base room so you may hear noise from other students in the room. Alan's advise was to convey more with less panels, Phil's advise was to elaborate on specific scenes further... It was a bit of a cross-opinion but what it comes down to is how everything works once it is moving in the animatic. Once we have an accurate first draft we can start adapting scenes and tightening up the final elements of the story.

I know I said in the Week 3 post that we would spend week 3 refining, the truth is we are still exploring a couple of things. Design choices particularly for the characters before they are to have expression sheets and turnarounds. After this we can begin thinking about moving into 3D finally!

Take it easy!

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