Sunday, 13 October 2013

Pre-Production: "Young Barnabas" 3D Form Variants

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the delay on these forms, I have been getting a bit carried away with drawing by doing my usual thing of taking years to refine them. One day I'll learn. Anyway this post is basically looking at the form of the young Barnabas. To do this accurately I decided to post it with our chosen Adult Barnabas and Benjamin Forms. I have only adjusted the designs ever so slightly for each form as I did not want them to be too diffuse... They also have to be similar to the adult and young Benjamin forms. Ladies, let me know what you think when you take a gander :)

For those of you that do not know we have a small flashback sequence in our short to when Barnabas is little and he's being yelled at by his dad. This means there is a small section for 2 extra character models... Sammy said I could just change the textures but lets face it that's not my style. Instead I have opted to create 2 extra basic characters, adapting them from the father and son like I have done here. This will mean that the Benjamin model will eventually also become young Barnabas and Barnabas will eventually also become Barnabas's old man "Bernard".

Lets run through these adjusted forms briefly! Yippikay!!!

The image above shows forms 1 - 5. Form 1 is probably the closest to the original Benjamin model. I just made sure I gave him a thinner waste so you could see the form translate to his adult form. Forms 2 - 4 were fundamentally made by increasing the length of his legs and trying to thin those down. I also tried adapting his physique a little more to cross over to the adult. Form 5 was a bit of a change as I started shrinking his arms and broadening his head back out. Part of me thinks Form 4 was the most successful for combining the two characters.

The image above shows forms 6 - 10. From these I quite like Form 9 although I think his head needs to be made bigger to accommodate the kiddyness more. Form 8 accommodates the Benjamin form a little better especially with the bigger head. The more I have shrunk the head I think it begins to look more adult which is a bit of a problem for these forms. I think the most successful of all of these forms will be the ones with the bigger heads and smaller bodies. My main goal here is to have a little of the adult Barnabas show in the young Barnabas design.

The image above shows forms 11 - 15. I don't feel these ones work much at all, the heads are too small when you compare them the Benjamin. These forms show more of Barnabas the adult then the child he grew from. Of all of these 11 is probably the best mainly because the head is actually the biggest. This is kind of a delicate operation really, I am effectively trying to find an in between of Adult Barnabas and Benjamin.  I think this are conveyed better in the forms above, Still one thing to note here is that the scale is not accurate for these images so they may look better in Maya accurately scaled.

The image above shows forms 16 - 20. These ones gradually get better from 17 onwards. I can't believe I'm going to say it but Form 19 is once again my favourite here (I liked form 19 for the adult Barnabas). The head could probably do with punching up a little size wise but I really love the cross over of his thin legs. He looks like a scrawny kid which I think is what Sammy wanted Barnabas to be like when he was little. Form 20 is a close second of this lot because I love the small frame it really does show the adult form and a bit of little Benjamin too...

Well of all of these I think I like forms 1, 4, 8 & 19, they just convey the right amount of both characters. You ladies are going to have to give me your pick of these forms in a comment below too, which no doubt you will at some point. Once these have been decided I can knock up a couple of Dummy pose forms (wont take long trust me). I also have Bernard's form variants to knock up but ill get that over with tonight too so you girls can get thinking about the next steps. We want these basic forms decided so we can move on with concept, turnarounds and eventually model sculpting!

Ill catcha later!!

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