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Pre-Production: "Bernard" 3D Form Variants

Hello Everyone,

Another update but more of an extension from the previous post. This post is about primitive forms (characters at a base level). Bernard is the father of our father character "Barnabas". He is only going to be appearing in a brief flashback which will require a basic rig... I'm not going to be pulling my hair out over this rig. Anyway these forms are to show a slight deviation in form to the son Barnabas. I still wanted Bernard to be a little imposing which is probably why I kept lots of his forms tall. I tried to implement a bit of a gut to differentiate him further.

Sammy (the director of this project) wanted to keep the form differentiation slight from the Young Barnabas to Benjamin from the Older Barnabas to Bernard. I tried to keep changes minimal but I also wanted to differentiate the forms to tell them apart visually. Moving a shoulder an inch or two is hardly noticeable, these are the final 20 forms so why not exaggerate to see if anything amazing happens. My creative partners Sammy and Chrissie will talk with me or post comments below these posts to pick their favourite choices. Of course I will make my picks throughout this post!

So lets get stuck in to some Bernard forms... Let me know the verdict!

The image above shows Bernard's forms 1 - 5. In the early stages as per usual the top forms are usually very close to the original design. I tend to start not adventuring too far in the beginning. I later load up other ZBrush forms previously created and adapt them slightly to create a moving design. This is usually why the later designs get interesting. Of these ones Form 4 is probably my favourite, I like the podgy belly and the fact that the father is leering below Barnabas a bit... The frame is near identical but the flabby belly could be attributed to Benjamin...

The image above shows Bernard's Forms 6 - 10. Of these 5 form 7 is probably my favourite, I think I like this one because the form is significantly different from Barnabas while keeping the sparrow legs. Again I like the fact he is just a little bit shorter then Barnabas we can only hope that Benjamin grows to be bigger then Barnabas ha-ha. Form 8 is my second favourite I like the more narrow shoulders the frame is also less imposing then Barnabas's. I guess I'm just inclined to make Barnabas better built then his father... I guess I keep envisioning a younger Lion vs. Old Lion...

The image above shows Bernard's Forms 11 - 15. This image contains probably my most favourite this far are you ready for this... Form 14. Now it goes against the grain for me a little to consider Bernard taller then Barnabas but I like the way the physiques are similar and yet different. You also have the long legs and the shoulders are adequately built to make him imposing to a little child. I would probably consider making the arms and hands a little bigger to rival Barnabas but mostly I'd say the form is there... The rest are okay but look smaller compared to Barnabas.

The image above shows Bernard's Forms 16 - 20. This panel has quite a few choices here lots of diverse forms which is probably why I love it. I like Form 17 for the shape of the body but the legs are just a bit too long me thinks. Form 18 is pretty good but it would be nice if the torso was a little bigger. Forms 19 and 20 are a step completely off the grid but the form is interesting. The legs are undoubtedly Barnabas and I like the skinniness of the form... It kind of feesls more spider like to me but I like the torso and main body... Just not sure if its right for Bernard.

Well one of the things I get to look forward too now is awaiting Chrissie and Sammy's words of wisdom or there opinion on a favourable form. These are all based on the original Form 19 for Barnabas they have just been altered to make variants. I promised in the beginning I would make alternates of an agreed form if we hit any walls. Luckily we liked 19 but now Bernard is giving me the opportunity to explore some variants of this form. I tried to keep great leaps minimal I just hope that the ladies (my creative partners) help me pick a winner here haha....

Anyway catcha later people!

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