Monday, 14 October 2013

Pre-Production: "Benjamin" Rough Sketches

Hello Everyone,

Its been an interesting few days but eventually I have gotten there. This post is going to be all about Benjamin sketch wise... Its also going to be the last post dedicated to him. I still have Barnabas and Bernard to have a little play with. Not also counting the stylisation methods I have to try and adopt for the concept phase. There is also the environment stuff which will be happening this week so I will probably have my hands quite full. In other news I have also been posting over on the 365 day project site ( and my own personal blog

Things have been getting quite busy so I have been getting work in here and there and then posting it in about 3 different locations ha-ha. Anyway this post is the last in the sketching phase for Benjamin. Our lecturer Phil confirmed our art directors (Chrissie Peters) style for Benjamin so these sketches are kind of moot now but I thought they should be posted so it doesn't look like I been sitting on my hands. I do see the contrast of these sketches to Chrissies very British style so I totally get it. I guess I have to try and learn a bit of this style which will be interesting for conceptual purposes...

Anyway I did all of these sketches on my IPAD over a bit of last week :)

The image above shows Figures A - H which is actually the opposite order of when they were created. F, G & H were actually the first and were done very roughly and quickly before I had even met to discuss art with my creative partners. I drew these just to get the idea of drawing younger kids. Dennis the Menace was the inspiration I also did these based on the notion that Benjamin was a teen, this has since been changed... I knocked up A from looking at the Z Sphere form posed (its actually based on Pose 2 of Benjamin's pose test post here.) I based the heads (B-D) on the head of A.

Next I thought id demonstrate the point of these basic Dummy Z-Tools in ZBrush. A few people have asked why do I bother doing these forms. They can be useful for blocking out posed concept while maintaining a characters basic proportions. Every character begins with basic primitives to create the form. When an animator creates a character and he has to explain how to draw it across a team of animators its best done with primitives. The ZSphere forms are primitives but they have the advantage of being posed in 3D space and eventually to be used as reference for characters.

Next I wanted to play briefly with Benjamin's costume so I knocked up a crude bow tie suit combo. There was then some discussion with Simon about hats and their proportion. It was decided that the Bigger (J3) had would be believable for the period of "& Son". Another interesting thing I noted here was a thing Sammy told me that my drawing style is very Tim Burton. Having looked at these a bit more I really am starting to see it in my sketches. Anyway this was just another quick sketch which I knocked up some variants for. A small play with colour at the end...

Last but not least came a couple of Style renditions I played with. Again I had these more or less done before our meeting last week with Phil. The thing I am proud of here is that I did these entirely on the IPAD. Having always had issues drawing on it I was quite chuffed to be able to achieve something that more or less reflects my Wacom Cintiq tablet. I think that's what I wanted to achieve with this more then anything. Just to understand another drawing medium using a crayon sized nib to draw decent concept sketches... I guess its gradually becoming possible!

Anyway these are the last tests from this style, I have to go away and try and draw a little more in-keeping for the concept phase. I also want to get a few other rough sketches out of the way for Barnabas and Bernard. I don't really care if they are never used I'm kind of using this as more of a growing exercise here. Hopefully there wont be much distance between this post and the follow up ones so keep your eyes on this blog. I'm getting the feel for some of these characters finally I just have to try a little harder to find my way for the style of this project.

Talk to you later people!!

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