Thursday, 3 October 2013

Pre-Production: "Benjamin" Dummy Pose Tests

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the delay on posts and actual workload, I have been fixing up our blog here which is why it may have randomly kept changing the past day or so. I spent ages beating my head against a wall but everything is now fixed. We have a couple of extra features including a facebook page and a twitter account now. Temporary? Maybe. For now though I like the way everything on our blog now has a purpose. A lot of things had to be edited including the "Jump Links" which show the read more text. They just wasnt visible enough for me, people need to look at the posts!

Work wise I have been conducting a number of little experiments too sensitive for the eyes at this point but they will be ready soon. An update I do have is a few posed test runs for the Benjamin form which Sammy Chrissie and myself all agreed upon. It was form 16 from the original batch. Being a curious humanoid I went away and looked into making some crude poses which would allow us to see the form in some of Benjamins potential actions for the short. I find it amazing that at this base level you can pose models, I just love it!!

Take your shoes off, sit back, relax and... check out these Dummy poses!!

The image above shows the base form we chose back on the previous form post but in a couple of elaborate poses. The beautiful thing about building models using ZSpheres is at this base level you can move spheres around like armatures and create basic movement and stances. The poses above were created just by rotating joints around spherical pivots (ZSpheres). You assign the spherical pivots by drawing them onto a base ZSphere. From there you pull out arms, legs, a neck, head. This model is quite basic but I didnt want to get into it too much... not yet.

The Scale image above is to show a side by side of the father counterpart from two potential father form designs. I personally think that there is more form in father A and now that it is scaled correctly it looks even better to me. The kids head size is obviously going to shrink a little but one thing has to be accounted for. The kids form (Benjamin) has to be based on the mother because the fathers form is different. I did this image mainly so the ladies could look at the forms side by side with Benjamin just to make informed decisions.

Now were back to the fun shizzam well fun and kind of embarrassing for me but hey I have done worse things with my day... The Benjamin Pose Research (shown above) was my own experimental methods to get into the motion of the child character. I took a few photographs of me acting out some of the poses proposed for our short. My favorite here still has to be the catapult, who'd have thought a stretchy cable and some pens could create a makeshift catapult. I used these to create the 5 dummy poses on this post, from me to ZSphere in the space of an hour.
Last but not least I thought why not render them out for a little turnaround. After a brief play in Maya there they were look awesome together. I rendered at less of a frame count this time round, I didn't want peoples internet connections to seize. Still this image allows everyone to see how the character may or may not handle themselves in our short. What I love is that from this base level the form combined with my reference poses still communicates character. I feel like I know Benjamin more just having explored this little form some more...

Now one of the things people are probably curious about now is when is the Father form going to be explored? Well I've got news for you, it has been explored and posed. I just haven't had a chance to render it out and get the images together. Sorting this blog out has put me like a day behind. I'm catching up a little now by pulling another one of my many all nighters. I still have to shower but hopefully after I can squeeze in a 2 hour power nap. I just had to see if this really would work at it has brilliantly. You should have the other tests by Saturday at the latest!

Anyway I think that's me done for this post!
Take it easy!!

Over & Out,

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