Thursday, 31 October 2013

Animatic - Ext Graveyard Sequence

I'm working on the more refined storyboard... which are really the cells for the animatic. I wanted to get an idea on what style the team are happy with... my original animatic wasn't very telling of the action though I had coloured it in and so on. This time the facial expressions, timing and actions are more important then making it look filmic for the animatic so I want to invest the time into getting the movements and expressions right through line... You'll see in this little snippet here.. detail where it's needed. Once I have all the cells and I've made a really rough animatic... the real work begins. Finesse the edit!


  1. yes Sammy - the work you're putting in here is very important because it's going to reveal so much more and very quickly too. Good stuff.

  2. fab! love the way it shows the transitions :)

  3. and the long shots showing lack of eye contact really show it well x