Sunday, 27 April 2014

Production: "& Son" Shot 42 Alpha Version

This particular playblast is missing the 2D character on the back bench but this will be added just not playblasted as we are full on rendering tomorrow. The character is static though so it shouldn't make too much on an impact to the animation itself.  We hope this allows you a bit more scope into the short.

For the alpha version of shot 42 a lot of the rigid mechanical motion has been fixed for both characters. There is now a sigh incorporated into Barnabas aswell as a better executed shifty face from Benjamin at the end... There is also idle motion so things are not too still.

The light and texture settings have also been set so the renders look a lot better, we are sure by now that you all get the drill of how these look without light or occlusion depth. There is a subtle spot light on Barnabas to stop him from falling into the dark... It only affects his shaders.

Catcha Later!

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