Saturday, 26 April 2014

Post-Production: "& Son" When Your Smiling

Hello Everyone,

This post is about Polydoodles day out at Sunlight Studios where they recorded the "& Son" theme tune "When Your Smiling" previously recorded by Louis Armstrong and countless others. The track will be used in key segments of our short to reflect Glady's Badgersworth's desire for her son Benjamin and husband Barnabas. Singing the vocals is Polydoodle Sammy's sister Lisa Butler so special thanks for that.

The video above is actually a behind the scenes look at our day out over at Sunlight, there was not a lot of recording time in the studio as Lisa seemed to have nailed the song within 2 takes. Never the less Polydoodle Stitch was there with his trusty camera to get the pre, prod and post play banter of the day. The music track itself was recorded by a contact of Polydoodle Chrissie's and she got us into the studio for the day so thanks to Chrissie for that too.

When Smiling Lyrics Only
When Smiling w. Lyrics
When Smiling Piano Only

The tracks above are just recording layers with the exception of one being a combination of the two. the w. Lyrics version has lyrics on the second verse not the first so you will have to be patient there. The lyrics only is just the lyrics which again is only on the second verse. The piano only is actually across the entire thing so that goes from the very beginning. You might want to check them all out just to hear the quality of the singing/music on its own so feel free.

Above are 6 shots which Stitch got while in the studio, the rest was recording. We were really not there long as Lisa pretty much had the song down after 2 takes. Polydoodle Stitch just got what he could when he could and threw a little something together for everyone to get a feel for the day. Suffice to say it was nice to hear the song come together in the end while in the mixing suite. We hope you enjoy or at the very least get a kick out of this post.

Later people!

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