Thursday, 10 April 2014

Production: "& Son" Scene 5 Mark 2

Hello Everyone,

Okay this is a bit more of a calling all update as it concerns all of the scene 5 shots which Stitch was delegated for our short. From his end there is still elements from Scenes 4 and 6. These are all taken from the interior church scene and concern a couple of Benjamin's little pranks. Please if you could provide feedback on the video in this post it would be much appreciated for us as we go deeper into production.

The image above is a little film reel showing some of the highlights from Stitch's selection of Scene 5 on the "& Son" Short. The following play blast reel took a little time to connect together as after effects had to have its frames adjusted for each comp. Anyway, these particular shots are branded "Final" but are still possibly subject to change pending the feedback from Polydoodles Sammy and Chrissie.

The video above is the video in question and only contains a small 44 second section of our short which is the equivalent of 1100 frames at our standard 25fps rate... well that's what it says on the exposure sheet so lets go with that. These shots go into each other this is why we thought a small play blast compilation was in order. Anyway please provide feedback should you have any words of wisdom.

The graphs above are from shot 50 just so we can begin to explain the animating process and understanding the graph editor. Basically every controller which we have setup has x, y and z values or custom controls (set driven keys, etc). When we animate and "key" from one pose to another each axis on each control of each joint keys a position, a rotate value, etc. The graph editor is customising the animation at its base form... by manipulating the values on a grid. When we hit play it runs across the grid like a record players needle running along a record.

To conclude this little update we thought we should show a little snippet of what we will be playing with next. The all important render passes for our animation. These give our short a high calibre visually allowing us to adjust shadow values and blend layers in post to achieve a better visual result. This is something Stitch will be getting his hands dirty with over the next few days...

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