Friday, 18 April 2014

Production: "& Son" Shot 50 Alpha Version

This is the alpha version of shot 50 for Polydoodle Pictures "& Son". These posts are marked "Alpha" as they are still not final and may still be changed after the hand in of our short on May 4th. These alphas are just to mark the first "approved for render" versions.

Above is Shot 50 all on its own as we have previously established continuity with the previous works in progress. The main reason for these posts is to show the Alpha versions animated in play blasts, this is also to show a single frame of the rendered scene. Please check out the still below!

This is essentially how the scene looks with lighting and occlusion textures. We knocked up these stills to show each other how the scene looks rendered prior to initiating a batch render. It helps to see the scene before waiting for an entire scene to be rendered.

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