Tuesday, 8 April 2014

General Round-Up of unposted 2D stuff - Scene 4

I'm increasingly aware that while my hard drive is filling up, my blogposting is looking empty so I'm catching up whilst rendering.

SCENE 4 - shots 44,45
The hats (modelled by Stitch) are now textured to match the close-up guest 2D characters. These characters now have animated tiff sequences that play on planes in Maya.

SCENE 4 - shots 42 and 47
These scenes have 1 2D character still on a plane within Maya.

SCENE 4 - shot43
The 2D characters have their own planes and are integrated into the 3D maya set.

SCENE 4 - shot 46

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  1. very much looking forward to seeing your worlds blend, Polydoodle - so keep going, stay communicative and in reach at all times and just keep working effectively together to complete this animated short! Keep going, stay choosy, stay focused, (stay friends!!!!) :D