Saturday, 26 April 2014

Post-Production: 365 Day Project Shirt

Hello Everyone,

Another minor update but I am just getting these out of the way so the final posts can be in tune to the final production developments for "& Son" and some post effects. For those of you that do not know the "365 Day Project" is our companion project which ran alongside the third and final year of our degree recording all of the developments from our Technical Director David "Stitch" Vandepeer. To celebrate the near completion of the final year Stitch is creating yet another shirt.

The image above shows the designs used for the front and back of the T-shirt. People in our course have come to expect a T-Shirt design from Stitch at the end of each Unit as its more or less become his ritual. These particular designs combine the Polydoodle Pictures "Barnabas" character with the labels and logos from the 365 Day Project. There is also a personal favourite quote of Stitch's on the front of the T-shirt.
The image above is the Barnabas render .png direct from Maya, which had to be reposed as he hadn't saved the original. Suffice to say this one looks more perilous but its meant to be a gag for Stitch to appreciate. He is not in favour of gags that hurt people (well not any more). Suffice to say its just his roots growing up as a "Jackass" appreciator and dare I say partaker.

The image above shows the quote combined with Barnabas as a close up just in case the small image is a bit confusing. This design has been on the cards for a while Stitch just didn't have time to sit down and knock it together... Thankfully he managed to find an hour or two while knocking out other speedy designs for a couple of minor commissions. This shirt will no doubt  turn some cheeks.

Last but not least is the design on the back which identifies the project and its subsidiary topics most of which will be coming very soon. Juggling Uni and this project has been difficult but "the Doodler" video logs have been consistent... the only one as of yet. Others will follow before the project end on September 2014. These should fill in a few of the holes in the topic roster particularly the "drop shop", "exclusive leap", "uca just in" and "angry bear". Anyway keep your eyes peeled!

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