Friday, 18 April 2014

Production: "& Son" Shot 53 Alpha Version

This shot in particular is missing certain 2D characters which our artist Chrissie Peters has drawn, in some instances these characters do crudely animate. This is where our influence to Paddington Bear really shines through. We hope you enjoy this when it is finally here!

The video above is Shot 53 showing Benjamin and Barnabas standing patiently at the back of the church why the priest reads his sermon. This scene is probably one of our most populated for the short, the version that comes after this will be something to look at!

Last but not least is the rendered still of this particular shot, probably one of our favourites as the interior church can be seen in its entirety. The lighting of this scene is a little heavy but it really adds much needed depth to the world... We want it flat but not "too" flat.

Take it easy!

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