Saturday, 26 April 2014

Video Logs: "& Son" Tutorials - Week 29

Hello Everyone,

As we gradually wind down I can probably mention that this is likely to be one of our last audio logs mainly because we are coming to the end of this unit and the birth of the final short. Its been a long journey and its actually quite nice to know that we are nearly there. There is a lot of stuff to be updated over on our companion site so you may wish check there on occasion after we have posted the final short.

Alan Tutorial
Alan Lighting Advice


"In week 29 we got Alan to look at our second pass animation in which he provided some advice on removing mechanical movement from our animation. We also discussed a couple of final technical challenges which included rain and depth of field. Alan put us on to a tutorial series over on his CG Guru companion site for the course. Alan also helped Stitch earlier on in the day by helping him fix some of the lighting issues on the characters. This included light linking and adjusting scatter/texture occlusion to fine tune the characters look in the scene."

We are finally getting down to the little details now as we render out the final sections of our short. The bulk of this will be finalized by next week with a load of post production work. This includes rain effects and depth of field. Obviously if there are any more meetings next week of any final details we will post them up here for everyone to listen to. If not you can take this as the last one. Wish us luck as we go into the final milestone...

Okay take it easy...

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