Friday, 18 April 2014

Production: "& Son" Shot 51 Alpha Version

There are still a number of things to add to these scenes including animated 2D characters for certain shots. This is one of the many reasons that these are branded "Alpha". These essentially mark the finalization of the lighting tests and 3D animation. We hope you enjoy them!

Above is shot 51 with little Benjamin denying that he is up to his usual tricks to his father Barnabas. There have been many work in progress versions of this but from discussions with Alan the hand gestures were altered as was the head movement to copy the Sammy reference more.

Above is a still render from the shot showing how his skin looks lit in the actual scene. There is an additional spot light keeping various areas of him from falling too dark. The amber look is coming from the light pouring in through the windows of the church.

Catcha later!

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