Thursday, 1 May 2014

Production: "& Son" Shot 47 Alpha Version

This shot is probably one of our weakest mainly because it was a little rushed towards the end. The difficulty was found mainly because of pick up put down issue. This would require parenting, duplicate hats and the visibility channel which if were honest didn't do its job when the batch render had been fired. The shot is also quite procedural, defiantly something to fix in the future.

The change log for 47 includes an adjusted crouching while moving forward cycle with the usual third pass animation traits which include idle and blink. There was also subtle motion added to Benjamin. Each character also has hidden models attached to the root of their respective hand joints. The inclusion of the 2D character is also a new feat for this rendition of 47.

In the renders above you will also be able to notice the punchiness of the 2D character in the shot. The hats also recently had their textures applied to the models so that's another feature. There were a couple of issues batch rendering this scene due to the visibility channels being ignored by the batch render. Our work around was deleting the suspect hats and batch rendering again. Anyway...

Take it easy :)

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