Thursday, 8 May 2014

Video Logs: "& Son" Tutorials - Week 32

Hello Everyone,

Well we are getting to the end of this little tale of which I expect there will be quite a bit of rest and relaxation after hitting this deadline. Sammy has been editing away on our final rendition of "& Son" while Chrissie and Stitch have been working on technical documents and Art Of's. There have been a few flaws with certain rendered shots but we expected that there would be flaws and as you all know it takes time to render these out. If there is more to fix we will in due course.

Sammy Art Of Chat


"The discussion with Sammy was about our Art Of Document and things that she needed from Stitch and Chrissie to go into the final Major submission. Stitch needed to bring in more technical know how to the document while Chrissie had to add a few missing environment renders. All in all we were fairly confident that everything would be coming together for the submission on the following Friday and aside from some flaws it has been." We cant wait to get this final hurdle over with.

Well as it turns out this is probably our last Audio Log before submission, there really is not much more to discuss and the post-production of our short is already underway. This includes the addition of music and sound and any last minute fixes. A post will be coming on some of that shortly so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime be ready to check out the final short when it is posted up on this blog and subsequently on the animation page.

Anyway catcha later!

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