Saturday, 29 March 2014

Video Logs: "& Son" Tutorials - Week 27

Hello Everyone,

We don't really like doing these audio logs in bulk like this but never the less its better now then never. Anyway Week 27 was another little sit down with team Polydoodle but we had a couple of tutorial based discussions with our lecturers Phil & Alan. Phil provided us advice on the plot of our story so the creative details. Alan provided us technical advice on how the performances of the characters should play out. It was quite cool to get a refresher on our short.

Alan Tutorials Week 27


"We sat down with Alan who took a look at Sammy and Chrissie's first drafts for the final animation. Alan advised us to sort the camera work of our short out before committing to the animation of the characters. \He then told us to just smooth the animation of the characters out to remove any elements of a mechanical - procedural short. Last but not least he told us to try to apply some unique traits to our characters motion that says something about who they are. This is the thing that will make an animation stand out amongst the others... It can only be answered by understanding the character intuitively and creating their quirks."

We agreed that we would try to incorporate some of these traits while we continue to refine our individual shots for the short. Obviously we are trying to get the short complete on all counts so making the animation smooth is the priority. After this we will try to incorporate some individualised traits... That is not to say that we haven't added some of our own already. We will make this short something to remember, we can promise that...

Anyway catcha later!

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