Sunday, 9 March 2014

Pre-Production: Badgersworth Group Pose Tests

Hello Everyone,

Another small update this time focusing on the rigging of the two finished characters in the same scene. To that end we thought we would compile a couple of test composites with poses lifted from the Mk2 Animatic. Each image below has a series of renders leading up to the final composite layer. For good measure we also created a little video of the development behind these poses...

The first composite test focuses on the opening scene of the short with Barnabas and Benjamin just after the whoopee cushion. If you haven't checked out the latest animatic you can find it here. The final composite is built from a standard Beauty and Occlusion pass with a Floor Occlusion pass to ground the characters... The snapshot was used to frame the characters for the final render passes.

Pose 2 is the scene in which Barnabas is scolding Benjamin for his final and most astonishing prank. This lighting in these renders is not perfect, these scenes were setup with basic lights, the ones in our final short have been tailored to work with our characters and settings. This post is just to crudely show the dynamic between our two characters. The scale is probably also a little off.

The next composite is at the end of our short where Barnabas ruffles up Benjamin's hair, again this is not the best it could be but it does follow the animatic quite well. We feel it is also necessary to mention that Barnabas's shirt is somewhat Darker then Benjamin's, this could be a material issue. Its more likely that its an occlusion issue... Something we don't have to worry about for the final short.

Last but not least is a video of Stitch creating the 3 composite poses above within Maya before compositing them in Photoshop. This somewhat demonstrates the process of posing characters for animation and in some cases what goes in to compositing them afterwards. It is a basic time lapse process but its still quite fun to watch. We really do hope that you enjoy these videos ;)


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