Friday, 28 March 2014

Production: First Pass Blocking Scenes 4, 5 & 6

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This week once again Polydoodle are full on creating stream line animation from original blocking shots making refined stylised animated passes. Stitch's shots came a little late due to some questionable quick time import issues on the behalf of premiere pro but never the less better late then never. This post is about the missing 3D Scenes 4, 5 & 6 from the compiled First pass pre-viz below.

The video above is a little compilation Stitch made to help aid him in animating his allotted scenes. It contains a play-blasted pre-viz as its main feature with sample animatic and feature reference picture in picture boxes. This allows us to see each shot and contrast that with the animatic and live footage to create streamlined animation. This video only demonstrates Benjamin's live action.

The image above shows a screen dump of the shots within the video at the top of this post. As you can see the shot number is in the bottom left the live reference is in the bottom right and the animatic is running in the top left. This saves us from having to scrub through multiple windows to compare play-blasts with reference and the animatic... Its like having a scene file setup with references which you can update from playblast to playblast.

The video above is a feedback discussion between Polydoodle's Sammy, Chrissie & Stitch discussing Stitch's shots for improvements beyond the blocking phase. This is primarily for Stitch to look at as he goes further into the animation process of scenes 4, 5 & 6. These discussions are to improve the animation as each persons opinions can change the direction of the short's shots drastically.

This next video shows the behind the scenes creation of a number of the shots from Stitch's Scenes 4 & 5. This is just another little sturdy development video to show the masses how these little shorts come about. The other shots were done at a later date and were thus not recorded, never the less these should provide a nice speed pass into our process. It is once again in time lapse so keep your eyes peeled.

The last video is from the feedback session from Sammy's play-blasted scenes. You cannot see the shots very well from the camera so you may wish to check out the first pass animation here to check out Sammy's initial developments. This video is mainly for Sammy to check back on should there be any last minute improvements (should there be any). If not its alway's nice to have a gateway to the past.

Anyway later!

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