Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Pre-Production: Rigging Barnabas Complete

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We are finally getting to a good place with all of this backlog, only being a couple of posts behind now. We thought it best to get the rigging post for Barnabas sorted as it hasn't been long since we got past Benjamin's. Once again we conducted a couple of pose tests to demonstrate the functionality of the rig. It is quite cool to be able to move the characters around more easily now.

The image above shows 5 basic poses from the standard T-pose. These were not decided in the heat of the moment but were in fact conceptualised a while back. The renders above are comprised of 2 beauty passes an occlusion pass and an occlusion plane pass to give floor shadow. We did this mainly because we wanted to see what could be achieved with the rig's functionality being able to achieve our initial ideas.

This takes us to Pose 4 (image above) which was taken back in October of 2013. You can find this post by clicking here. Back in 2013 Stitch did a little photo shoot which lead to him building little dummy ZSphere models of possible poses for 2 key characters Barnabas and Benjamin. A few months later you can see the final rigged model simulating the poses. That is where these reference poses came from.

The Barnabas Facial Blendshape test (or scope test) is just a video that demonstrates some of the facial control functionality within the Barnabas Rig. This animation was also given the same standard render passes used in the final poses at the top of this post. This animation is relatively short but it is just to demonstrate some of the control functionality.

Last but not least is the video showing the creation method of the facial rig. The body rigging and skinning was created by Story Director Sammy Butler while the face was created by Tech Director David Vandepeer. This video is in time lapse within 3 second intervals and was created over the course of 5-6 hours. We hope you enjoy this little development ;)

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