Monday, 3 March 2014

Pre-Production: Rigging Benjamin Complete

Hello Everyone,

These are a couple of weeks old as you know we are in a bit of a backlog with some posts but never the less we thought this would be best shared so people could experience a bit more development work. This post is about the rigging process of Benjamin in which we have created a couple of poses to show some of the functionality of the rig.

The image above shows a couple of test poses which were created based on the research conducted back in September of last year... Please check out the post here and you will see these poses in their reference and base forms. The renders above are comprised of Beauty and Occlusion passes so I hope you enjoy them... Just for clarity these are not Weta :)

The image above is a sample from the post of last year the link of which can be found in the paragraph above. This is a breakdown of Pose 1 which we thought could be a little snigger. You can see the 3 passes one is a photo reference of Stitch kneeling and laughing the second is the pose blocked in ZSpheres... Last but not least is the actual rendered pose on the final character build.

The video above shows a little of the functionality within the facial rig of Benjamin, we created this just to show a couple of the expressions he can now pull thanks to blendshapes. We wanted to render these out properly too so we created a Beauty and Occlusion render pass comprised of 400 frames each. The Beauty is multiplied over the top of the occlusion we then duplicated the Beauty and placed that over the top of the other Beauty using a soft light blending mode.

The last video is the development of the entire Benjamin character rig from the end of skinning through to completed character. This was recorded over the course of a couple of days, there was a little trial and error but we eventually got him to where he was meant to be. This video is once again a time lapse video but it should be at a quicker rate so it shouldn't be so choppy.

Anyway later!

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  1. How wonderful to see Benjamin come to life! Onwards, Polydoodle, onwards - it will all be worth it in the end! :)