Monday, 6 January 2014

Pre-Production: Young Barnabas Model Complete

Hello Everyone,

The next model in the line up is complete (well except for textures). From today onwards it is about the adult Barnabas (about time too). I know this model is sort of an adaptation but its required to tell our story so I'm chuffed. I will probably be readdressing a couple of things after the deadline hand in. I will see about sorting the hair out a little better and getting the top hat to fit better. I will also have Bernard to adapt from Barnabas but I don't think that will be too bad. The most difficult thing so far is getting the hair correct. I will have to invest in some advice when we get back :)

Still I am quite pleased with most of the model I don't think there is that much to fix beyond what we have here. The next step will be getting the textures perfect on each character and of course my chore will be rigging. I cannot forget to make an alternative Torso for Barnabas too as we have a slight costume change at some point in our short. I am hoping there will not be much of that though, I don't understand the concept of working out alternative geometry for a mesh. At least its only for one character in particular.

Anyway lets take a look at the Young Barnabas 3D model turnarounds woop woop!

The image above is my typical 3 pass system for animated pre-production gifs. The scene itself was lit with 2 ambient lights with the ambient shade turned right down. The wire pass of course is the only one which doesn't use light but contours to render the polygon edges. I'm sure all of my colleagues at UCA know that by now already, still I like to sound clever :) I edit these turns in after effects before firing them across to Photoshop to get them into the animated gif format. There has been an improvement in their exporting functionality gifs used to lag much more.

I took Young Barnabas into ZBrush to check out a couple of little bits beyond what I had already done. The turnaround profiles were not entirely accurate for his new form. I found him looking less cute so I had to scale some aspects back a little. The biggest difference is the stomach as it doesn't protrude out anymore. I didn't want to move the geometry to make way for the jacket to close as there would be distortion galore. It was better not to complicate things so I kept the jacket open (unlike how it is in the turnaround profiles for this character).

As my last Operation Z subdivide entry was quite vague in terms of explanation. I thought I would do a little video explaining what I was noting when recording the prior Benjamin Subdivide video. The video talks in the terms of poly-counts and how the subdivides effect 3D geometry. I didn't want to forget about the perils so I thought it was nice to document it. As many of you know the 365 Day Project requires me to be more explanative which is why lots of my posts come with accompanying videos. I just want my mum to understand the workload going on here ha-ha

I sat down while in ZBrush to knock out some basic colour UV texture tests. You have to bear in mind that the face is the only thing with shade as it felt wrong not to give Young Barnabas rosy cheeks. The colour of his skin is probably a little too brown but it was quick as nails. I just wanted to see that the UV maps took colour well and most importantly didn't stretch. I also wanted to see if these kind of basic tones is what they wanted for the eventual texture. I mean you can't get more basic then solid colour. Just food for thought ladies I don't mind what you do.

I am having a total ball over here, I have my post its draped over stuff but they are going down one by one. I have until Wednesday to get a rendition of adult Barnabas over to Sammy. I will have to see how the time goes. The Barnabas model has been a little bit of a pain but I will get it. I am actually quite chuffed that so much is coming together for this project. We could be in a better place but when you consider all the back tracking we had to do/explore its quite a feat. I cannot wait to see the final animation from the major project it will be awesome!

Anyway that makes update 3
Catcha later people!


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