Sunday, 5 January 2014

Animatic Mark 2

Mark 2 of the animatic has arrived. I struggled to try and do the new opening sequence right but I think it works now. This new draft comes with the added the previously stated new opening sequence that features the mother.
The challenge was to tell the life story of her and Barnabas in as short amount of time as possible BUT also have some key details in there about the mother encouraging their creativity. This sequence I image to be still pictures but with a 3D element... a concept I've found hard to explain so I'll be creating an example to test the theory I have about how to do it. Another major alteration has been the 2nd (now 3rd) scene of the father working in his office. This now has the addition of Benjamin in the room with him. I think I strayed from this idea previously because I wanted to show the isolation between the two characters but after Phil suggested it I saw how it could actually work better. The father and son love each other but don't know how to communicate about their tragedy. This awkward scene where they're together yet still far apart now adds more depth to the relationship. The final addition is the cheered up funeral attendees. Phil suggested additional characters that enjoyed the shenanigans of Benjamin thus giving him incentive to continue at further funerals. Benjamin's goal is to cheer people up in the way his mother taught him... by smiling. Now these characters allow Benjamin to see he was successful.

There are a few adjustments that I still wish to make but they don't alter the story... just detail really:

- Moving clouds in the sky (as if on a stage set) It keeps the somewhat theatre atheistic.
- Benjamin needs a radio next to him in the office to show where the music is coming from... alternately it could be on Barnabas' desk and he switches it off when looking at the chair.
- When the sun goes down... make the scene go darker and drop moon and stars (as if on string) into the scene... then pull them out as the sun comes up. It just reaffirms the day change.


  1. Seriously I've watched it 6 times now... A round of applause is in order here, Sammy its fookin wicked WELL DONE!

  2. Are you going to make it clearer that it's not a funeral parlour anymore? Seeing this for the first time, all I could see was that they're now just colourful instead. I didn't find the change of business clear enough?