Saturday, 4 January 2014

Pre-Production: Benjamin Textured Complete

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would get this up to show that I had a go at getting Benjamin textured. Also Lydia's comment on the last post inspired me to get a nice couple of renders of him. Barnabas is coming along, I'm hoping he will be ready by tomorrow or the day after. In the mean time I thought I would get this posted up, I am trying to get everything posted that I can before the deadline next Thursday. I have gone all out this time by even playing with a little lighting for these renders (something everyone knows is my weakness).

If the texturing isn't right or if the ladies want to redo it after this rush is over then they can I don't mind I just wanted to make sure it was covered for the deadline. I may even redo a couple of tonal things with it after the minor hand in. I'm sure if anything is overly wrong I will be schooled either by Alan, Sammy or Chrissie ha-ha. I would just like to say to everyone I did my best here and I hope it is acceptable. I will be focusing on Barnabas solely after this post, if there is time I will see about getting a Weta concept made of both but that's an extra my priority is turnarounds for key characters.

Anyway lets checkout the textured turnarounds for Benjamin Badgersworth
The image above shows the textured Benjamin Badgersworth in turnaround with a couple of light passes. He is a bit shiny in places but I wanted to keep a little shine on the surface of the model. This is easily resolved by changing the material to a lambert. As far as the paintwork goes I decided to try to keep the tones in the texture weaker as our art style is kind of "flat" as it were. Its like I said though if the ladies want to change it they can feel free. I have no doubt that our main decisions where this is concerned will happen when we combine the environment with the characters.

The image above shows the shaders I used when painting Benjamin in ZBrush. Basically the flat colour was used while I was painting Benjamin, it shows only colour without using shadow or light. I looked at the fast shader to see how the model looked with the paintwork. The Blinn was used to examine bumps in the mesh and on the seam geometry of the 3d model. I didn't use this one as much as there are no bump maps for this model. I thought bumps were a little too much, this is more of a cartoon then a verse on reality...

The video above shows me in the process of painting a couple of bits of the model apologies for this not being more interesting I forgot to record until the very end. That being said I did record a bit of projection with his shoe which I always find quite fun. These videos are mainly to show the development of the character not to be educational as such. I will probably sit down and do some more of those somewhere down the line. Think of these videos as real time progress on the character modelling side of our project,

Last but not least is the Benjamin Badgersworth UV maps and texture tiles. I tried to keep the detail where required and keep the tonal range more wide. This was more successful on the face as I followed a tutorial on heat zones of the face from Scott Spencers "ZBrush Character Creation" book. Again I was also not sure if I should go mad on the texturing as our short feels a little more 2D then 3D especially based on our concept artist "Chrissie Peters" art style. Either way the option is there to adjust this at a later date. Its up to the ladies!

My next steps are to get Barnabas to an acceptable level now so I can get him up as well for everyone else to see. If there is time before Thursday next week I will see if I can get some posed Weta concepts but we will have to see. I want to get the turnarounds of the models complete before indulging little extras. As far as the Benjamin model goes there are a couple of faults still but again I will have another play with this after the deadline. I don't want to get too bogged down at the moment with details which can be adjusted after the deadline.

Anyway I'll catcha soon doods!

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