Sunday, 5 January 2014

Pre-Production: Young Barnabas 2D Turnarounds to 3D

Hello Everyone,

I am hurrying to get up everything I can before the hand in on Thursday the Barnabas model should be ready too so keep your eyes peeled for that. In the mean time I have Young Barnabas ready to go to the next stage of development. The reason Young Barnabas is done is because he was a basic adaptation from the Benjamin Badgersworth model. Their clothing is virtually identical, the key difference are their proportions and obvious facial details. These were all addressed within ZBrush using the truly awesome move tool. Maya was revisited after for UV's and mesh clean up.

I have just watched Sammy's & Son Animatic V2 and let me just say I am still in awe, the story really grows on you the more you watch. Check it out on this post here if you have a moment! In other news I created another little video of my creating Young Barnabas from Benjamin. There are however some apologies due as I totally forgot to record earlier so you only get the bitter end. I do explain this in the video so you are probably best to check it out. I also used this time to fix some other minor flaws in the Benjamin model but its nothing major.

Anyway lets check out the Young Barnabas 3D turnarounds woop woop!!

The image above shows the 3D turnarounds draped over the profile images so you can see how close the geometry is to the turnarounds. The hair is and probably always will be a bit of a oversight as these images do not make for the consideration of the hat. Making the hair this big made it blow out of the top of the hat. This also meant that I had to be careful with how much hair to pull beneath the hat as doing so could move the hair beneath the head. I was trying to be considerate for the circumstances when they remove their hats.

The video above demonstrates the end transformation for Benjamin to Young Barnabas. This was done mostly with ZBrush as it required gradual movement of key anatomical details. These has to be considered as did the facial features. This model probably would have been easier if I wasn't messing around with the hat so much but there we are. I will probably ask Alan for some advice on hair should I feel the need to return to it one last time before rigging. In the video I demonstrate the differences between the characters as the finale.

Next is how Young Barnabas looks in silhouette form. As you can see the proportions are different from Benjamin. Young Barnabas is slimmer and has more of an old fashioned hair style. the rest of the details are quite similar purposely as our story spans an ongoing fashion. What I am really glad to see here is the similarities between the two characters as Young Barnabas grows up to be Benjamin's dad. It's nice to have familial ties, the sticking out ears and the nobbly knees/legs. Its all quite equal and I'm so glad nothing severe was lost in the translation within ZBrush.

Last but not least comes the image planes to model. The proportions are quite exact but I did have to shrink Young Barnabas a little to be slightly smaller then Benjamin. I want to follow the rules of the proportion ideals I set in motion god knows how many posts back. I am quite happy with how he looks facially, you can see Barnabas in him which was something I was afraid would go. The key difficulty is making the characters look like they are situated in the same world. It is because of this that I did a couple of tweaks to Benjamin following Young Barnabas's arrival.

There is still a bit of a fight ahead of me and while I still want to have tonnes before the deadline date I can see a couple of details slipping due to time shortage. Never the less I couldn't have done anything different. If anything I learnt that I should never rely on ZBrush to start building geometry. Its always best to have the geometry ready and then use ZBrush to shape it. Thinking like a sculptor does not always help the edge flow of a model. If the foundations of the model are sound you can do almost anything with geometry so you are always best to put your time in at the beginning.

Anyway lesson learnt so lets move on!

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