Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Pre-Production: Final Front Skeletons

Hello Everyone,

Just thought I would drop by for yesterdays update, it literally took all night to upload the video I wanted to post. Things on the turnaround front are moving forward with the frontal skeletons plotted I just have to do the side and the back next. The step that follows is just me adding flesh and clothes to the bones and joints. I have probably gone the long way round to do this but there was so much debating over proportion I kind of got side tracked. Still it is nice to explore these forms a little further then having flat images. Its actually been kind of fun.

This whole experiment started with me playing with Benjamin's scale proportions. It was then agreed that each character should fall into Benjamin's world scale. From there I had to adapt Barnabas which I found 7 Barnabas heads fitted into 10.5 Benjamin heads. From there I removed half a head of height from Barnabas to make Bernard (10 Benjamin heads). Young Barnabas is actually the same number of Benjamin heads as Benjamin (4.5), his lower eye line naturally makes him smaller and his head only fits into himself 4 times... This makes each sub character (Bernard, Young Barnabas) shorter.

With scale now explained lets get a little look at those front skeletons!

The image above shows the skeletons in motion. As my previous skeleton tests this is just to show the skeletons in motion demonstrating activity within the proportion. I did this as an extra step, the walk cycles on there are the moment do not reflect the future movement of the character. I did this mainly so we could get a real idea of how the proportions function together. I cleaned up each skeleton with ink and colour using the colour pallet's Sammy suggested on her sketchy faces image. I added the hat as another indicator of scale - the same  size hat fits all and even looks slightly bigger on the kids.

When fixing down to rig the final character in AE I thought to myself now this would be a nice little doodler feature. So I sat down and knocked up a 3 part video. The middle section can go on for a little while but its not just meant to be informative its also meant to be educational to some degree. On the video I demonstrate the pre-compositing process in AE - assigning joints. I also rig a 2D character and show the end result as the concluding chapter. I don't know what struck me to do this but I guess a lot of effort has gone on and I wanted to show everyone...

The image above shows my rough workings out after assigning Sammy's sketchy character faces to each skeleton body. There was a lot of altering of scale and arm length before I was happy. The process began with creating a happy proportionate form for Benjamin. After I got the girls blessing on this I went away and built Barnabas based on Benjamin's head scale. After I had the two main characters it wasn't difficult to adapt Benjamin into Young Barnabas and Barnabas into Bernard. I kept everything at this stage as rough as I could... nothing was finite here...

Last but not least I tidied up each character and got them posed ready for the turnarounds. I may have to space the legs further apart but the arms are ready. I also got larger renditions of the faces ready for when I'm cutting in the head. The sections which say "No Clothes - No Form" are basically my way of illustrating that this is still not final (obviously) - it is stage 1. Next I have to drape the clothes and create the form over the top of these images. The entire point of this was to map the joints and bones to plot the locations of anatomy. The clothes are what will show it...

I still have to create the skeleton forms side and back, the arm will also be separated for the top down view as is standard for turnarounds. I will not be animating any more of these turnarounds, my point has been made here and it was really only to show my creative partners the proportions in action. Once I have the other angles plotted I will be ready to sit and add clothes and further form. I am hoping to have these turnarounds by Friday at the latest so I can begin modelling over the weekend. It would be nice to be full into modelling mode by next week... Then I will begin rigging *GULP*

Catcha later people!

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