Friday, 22 November 2013

Barnabas' Build-up

Stitch is all ready to start creating the orthagraphs and turnarounds for our characters but to help keep consistency across the board I've repeated what I did with Benjamin, with Barnabas. I took Chrissie's design for him and translated it to a broken down structure to iron out the structural build-up for him.

1 - Sketching over the original design and working out the shapes
2 - Building a 2D rig from the sketch
3 - Use this rig to sketch out the character
4 - Sketch on its own
5 - Using the rig to create a side veiw

Basically this is to pass information onto Stitch for him to work from. Showing the leg from sideways and front means he can interpret the design more clearly. In the file I've sent him it the layers of clothes so he can hide things like the blazer. This is because, for the second scene, Barnabas won't be wearing a blazer so Stitch needs to see the shirt detail too.

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