Sunday, 24 November 2013

Video Logs: "& Son" Update - Week 8

Hello Everyone,

First of all I would like to point out that the term "Tutorials" has been replaced with "Update" mainly because we did not have any meetings with Alan or Phil. This was mainly because we had a presentation to foundation students and had no real updates on this blog for that week. The reason we sit with Alan or Phil is to receive feedback on any and all work we have recently submitted. That week and its following week were pretty slow as we were refining dissertation drafts. Suffice to say I didn't want to miss a week having started these tutorial updates... I just wanted to repurpose them for another week (like I did with the interim presentation).

Now that I have explained what this post isn't I will explain what I have decided to do here for this week... I thought I would take a little glance back to the very first day of the project. A day when myself, Story Director Sammy Butler & Art Director Chrissie Peters sat down to discuss adapting Sammy's prior year 1 Unit 1: Storytelling project into a refined animated short. I even have a recording from another discussion on the same day which I thought I would include. I will warn you though there is a lot of noise interrupting our discussion... We picked a day when the "red room" was full... not the best time.

The video above is the very first activity I recorded from the Uni. You will have to excuse my introduction which had me filming my legs before noting the work ha-ha. The initial conversations we were having were actually about art style and the characters primary and secondary. We had not actually been long out of the briefing when we sat to have that conversation as you can see the nerves were kind of high. The only videos that pre-date this one are the discussions we had over the summer break, which are being edited by Chrissie, cant wait to see them...

& Son Early Biography Discussion


"The sound file above is a sound snippet from one of our very first group discussions. The first discussions about some of the key features of the secondary characters - (i.e. - the fat widow, posh lady, names, etc.). What followed was the googling of names for a chubby widow... Sammy liked Gertrude I liked Agatha. We then had a discussion about her character and about their place in the story. This leads into a couple of questions from Illmi about our project. I think at this point I had completely forgot that I was still recording. Still its nice to hear some of the ideas and influences we were thinking about in week 1."

It's kind of nice to take a little trip down memory lane, nice to know I got to use a bit more of the old footage in another post. Its also a bit crazy to think of some of the details we were thinking about back in week 1. There is still quite a bit of work to come but we are in a good place. I think the following weeks will have quite a few surprises so I hope your in for a good ride!

Over & Out!

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