Monday, 25 November 2013

Video Logs: "& Son" Tutorials - Week 9

Hello Everyone,

Week 9 has been interesting, there has been a lot of written work but now we are in a place to continue the development of this short. I am pretty much focusing solely on the models for the duration of this project. I still have to finalise all of the skeletons for the characters but now that I have drafted the main two its not difficult to adapt the other two from those. That will be the post that should follow this one. After that I have to crack on with turnarounds which shouldn't take long with the joints mapped out. From there its just adding colour and skin/costumes.

Its hard to believe that we are here already but I guess time fly's. It's looking like my tutorial discussion will concern Alan more then Phil at this point as we are deep into the technical aspects, the story is not far from being finalized in animatic form. Still I will jump in and get advice when I can, we don't have long till Christmas is upon us so I have to start pulling the finger out here... I have a bit of modelling and then rigging to battle my way through but I am quite confident in my ability, ZBrush is going to be my home for a while now. You will begin to see a Flurry of "Operation Z" Videos so beware!

Alan Tutorial
Chrissie & Sammy Tutorial


The tutorials from this week were mostly my discussion with Alan about creating a "ribbon Spine" when I get to rigging out character. I also have Gnomon DVDs which I will be running through for our puppet rig. Amongst other things I also spoke to the ladies about the details they wish to see on our main character models They basically gave me an audio list of notes that they would like to see on the finalized Benjamin, Barnabas, Bernard and Young Barnabas. It was quite genius really I just said to them say what you want and let them go for it... Chrissie's was quite obvious, her desire for Benjamin's odd socks and asymmetrical attire... DW Ladies I got you!

This week will be focusing on getting these turnarounds finished and the skeleton details/proportions finalised (2 of which already are). Hopefully by the end of this week I will be in ZBrush getting Benjamin crafted. From Benjamin's form I will adapt it down to Young Barnabas and the same for Barnabas and Bernard. The details just have to change slightly for each mesh... Rigging will come after that I just hope everything goes smoothly.

Anyway catcha later!

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  1. I'm really happy you're documenting all this :) It will be nice to watch/listen back on