Saturday, 2 November 2013

Video Logs: "& Son" Tutorials - Week 6

Hello Everyone,

Another week has gone by so I thought I'd get out in front of these as I will be spending the rest of my time up until next week working on expression sheets and turnaround images for our 4 chief characters. I also have a couple of costume designs to knock up based from Chrissies invaluable research (something I haven't had in my earlier designs). I will do my best to get as much done as possible so we can get cracking. Chrissie will be putting one of my former character models (Charles - rightly owned by Smoke Stack Studios:  into a scene with our 2D assets to see how they look comparatively. Special love goes to my former Smoke stack creative partners Anita Gill and Lydia Caplan for allowing us to use him. You rule ladies!

Everything is go as we have our green light pitch next week in which we want to only submit resolved stuff. The development has been discussed in numerous tutorials across this unit so no more development needs to be seen really... We now have to show everyone what we have resolved and I personally am getting stir crazy waiting on getting my hands dirty with some 3D modelling. I also have my business Partner Rosslehoff waiting in the wind for me to turn up at his with some Magic sculpt and 4 turnarounds for him to get stuck into sculpting them by hand... Another little video log ;) The future is going to be interesting!

Alan Tutorial
Phil Tutorial


This week our tutorials were shorter then usual as most of the major discussions have already been had. The main topic was on what to present in the green light pitch so we can get a bit more advice on week 7. We established that our Animatic should be played first before everything without any explanation just to see if it reads to an unaware audience. Phil & Alan both thought people who knew the story would easily connect the dots but to people who don't it would be handy to know now so we can correct shots (if any). We also established what we want for the crit, these include final (inked and coloured) turnarounds, render tests with a 2D scene vs. 3D character and our animatic.

This week is going to be hectic for all of us, with Sammy working her way through a lengthily draft animatic, Chrissie running render tests in Maya. While I will be knocking around expression sheets, costume tests and final turnarounds... We have a busy time, but we will make it!

Take it easy!


  1. Just glad that Charles isn't forgotten! haha

  2. It'll be exciting to see him back on screen!! :)