Monday, 2 December 2013

Pre-Production: Barnabas Expression Sheets

Hello Everyone,

Apologies for the delay in my posts, been getting lots of bits and pieces together. I am partially through most of what will be the final stages of my pre-production contribution. After expression sheets and skeleton turnarounds to final turnarounds I will be deep into production. I have already started some elements but I want to keep those for when I wrap up this side of my pipeline. I want to keep everything orderly, to those of you that know me know I like keeping things flowing. I shouldn't need too long to get the models together, the rigging will be the biggest challenge.

Either way these expression sheet posts will be done as 12 tests for the main 4 characters. I realise that some of them do not look 100% correct but what can I say I'm still learning how to keep character proportions. I only did these as a way to do a bit of a comparison when I'm knee deep within the 3D pipeline to reflect my 3D character expressions. I did this with my last Adaptation project and quite liked it. It gave me something to base the expressions on. It's always good to explore the character with some key facial movement, even if it isn't all used...

Anyway this post is entirely dedicated to the father character "Barnabas".

These are the first 3 expressions I knocked up, Chrissie and Sammy know about my fascination with all things sad (emo eyes anyone?). I never begin with "Happy" I do better with a kind of sadness. Of these 3 I love bored the most, there is something wrong with the shocked expression... I probably should have extended the nose a little more. It's like I said though I kind of have to move on from these pretty sharpish so I am posting up what I can now. This week is based on getting all of this pre-production stuff finalized on my end so I can get to modelling...

The expressions above actually began with F which was a blatant copy of the front on profile I knocked up earlier... I just wanted to change the expression on it. I also kept it on the page so I could refer to it to keep my drawings as close as possible. I decided to add a small smirk, I think it worked for this image. "Reflecting" and "Annoyed" were the other expressions I considered before Happy. I liked reflecting, annoyed has a little issue with the hair... but for the most part it does kind of work. Despite the minor differences I do consider these faces to be of the original design.

Next I dived straight into the side profile, I wanted to have a bit of a play, I also wanted the define the bump which Sammy wanted in Barnabas's design. I had to refer back and adjust it in the others. Of course these faces lead to my favourite one... I love the "thinking" head maybe I just have a thing for the raised eyebrow expression who knows. I also found the anger expression enjoyable to knock up, I had a bit of trial and error when it came to the eye placement. I guess I am still trying to get my head around some of these details still... I still like the end results though!

From J to L which were the last couple I knocked up I love J. The "Paperwork" expression is inspired from a specific part of our Animatic. The very last one I knocked up was "Happy" which as you can see is a little cheesy but it is likely that its the big teeth. Again I am still coming to terms with this expression as I hate to use the big grin. Never the less I thought I would give it a stab for the purposes of this concept. I still think Sammy does these expressions better then me, I love the darkness. Anyway these were all the expressions I could muster... its more then none.

I have a couple of images to finish for the other characters to be ready to post up on here... They are not far down in the pipeline though. It's like I said these are the last in my pre-production pipeline, I do it mainly to get a feel for the character before sculpting. I did the same thing for Driver and found myself referring to them constantly to landmark areas of the face. The good news is Barnabas is not far from being ready to take into the 3D production phase. In the mean time I'm preparing the other characters for the final stages to bring them up to where Barnabas is... The next few days will be exciting!


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