Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Video Logs: "& Son" Tutorials - Week 10

Hello Everyone,

We are on week 10 the countdown is seriously starting to begin here. I wasn't exactly around at the end of Week 10 but I did manage to wangle myself a few further audio logs which correspond to what I would have talked about on Friday. We are just a couple of days late on posting it. Sammy and Chrissie are cracking away at environments while I have my hands full with character modelling in the epic ZBrush. Things are about to go full on into modelling there are just a couple of pesky t's to cross and I's to dot. These include the expression sheets and turnarounds, they will be here soon!

I went in today to get my UCA Just in Interviews continued but everyone who was there was either not ready or too busy to chat so I didn't want to hassle. When I finally got someone the rooms had people in them. The 365 Day Project is taking a little out of me but I will get there. I am not sure whether after next week that there will be any tutorial posts as we are off for Christmas. I will probably put these logs on hold until we are back as it is pointless if it serves no developmental value. When we return in the new year I don't doubt there will be more audio to log... There of course will still be video coming down the pipeline so watch out for those posts :)

Alan Tutorial
Sammy Costume Tutorial


The tutorials from week 10 mainly concerned the submission of this project to a private website as well as a submission disc to the University offices above. This is largely what I talked about with Alan as well as a few of the sticky issues I always face when stepping back into CG. Sammy and I also had a chat about the costumes for the characters which is more or less an extension of the character details discussion we had in Week 9. This was more about defining what the key differences between the suit costumes were for each of the Badgersworth characters.

This week I will be getting the final remnants of 2D done so I can fully focus on the 3D aspects from here on out. Everything has taken longer then I had planned but I will pull it off in the end. At the end of Week 11 I will be going to my business partners with these turnarounds to see him sculpt them from clay (a video log post will follow)... I cant wait for that as hes gonna explain some tricks to me. While he is doing that I will also be continuing my journey into ZBrush modelling each character. When I am out of the woods I will begin posting my progress as often as possible!

Stay tuned!

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