Monday, 30 December 2013

Pre-Production: Skeleton Turnarounds (Anatomical Frames)

Hello Everyone,

As I said previously I have a bit of a back log of posts so you will probably see a couple of little flurry's like these two today. Possible a third a little later. These are where I'm kind of trying to do things in an order to demonstrate the process. Sometimes I dip in and dip out of areas of creativity like if I've been modelling all day Ill go and do some drawing in the middle to give my eyes a rest. I also find this refreshes me for when I hit a wall or find no solution to a problem. Anyway these skeletons are the framework for the final turnarounds which will be used for the characters.

I have already begun the modelling process so this is really me catching up with myself. I use these frames to block in a form mostly to make sure the body holds weight and has the an S curve flow throughout the form. My turnarounds of the past have mainly been a little static and that is mainly because we don't consider the weight of the flesh and how that interacts with the bones. Characters can quickly look rigid if the body isn't holding any weight. I also realise that these skeletons are more for orthographic view so some details have to be flattened (the feet for example).

Anyway lets take a look at my skeleton frameworks!

The image above shows the skeleton forms worked out from Sammy's original head sketches and my early proportion/skeleton tests. I have defined the joints as that is where distortion lies if it were not for these we would be blobs. I have a top arm separate for modelling the hand and the muscles of the arm. The side is where one notices the S curve from the central line. The chest sticks out leading into the pelvis Benjamin's body is like a bean which I know from the earlier form tests we conducted... He looks a little older then we had considered but this is just the earlier test.

Barnabas's skeleton consists of the same fundamentals but obviously with a severe height and weight difference to Benjamin. You probably cannot see this one as well as Benjamin either mainly because of his height which blurs his details as we go up in resolution. Suffice to say this form is more stretched but it follows the same crucial s curve rules at a greater scale. Barnabas's legs make him look kind of like a flamingo. of course that will change when I get some meat into this body on the final turnarounds.

Next comes Young Barnabas, now my concern here was trying to keep the likeness Similar to Barnabas which thanks to Sammy's sketches was not a hard feat. There are a couple of details that I will be altering for the final turnarounds but the form is pretty much there. He is a little thinner and shorter then Benjamin. Again this was all worked out from our prior proportion tests which were fundamental to constructing the height and shape differences between the characters. At this point they are diagnostic I will be fixing more flaws with the final renditions!

Last but not least comes Bernard who is a little shorter then Barnabas with a slightly longer body and shorter legs. The side profile here is pretty much there as it reflects the frontal face pretty well. The problems with some of the ones above is the side does not reflect the front well. This one doesn't actually have that problem. Of course I have to still adjust the feet and form for orthographic view but that shouldn't be too complicated now I have a book to aid me in this understanding...The final turnarounds should be pretty nice thanks to these skeleton frameworks!

You can call these a waste of time if you wish but they do actually help when dealing with turnarounds. All I really have to do next is correct some details add body mass and then clothing. Its not actually a head scratcher its like creating a little road map for me. I'm sure there are a couple of you out there laughing at the array of asses before you but suck it up its just a bum... wait wrong wording. Anyway I created these before getting into turnarounds and thus before getting into 3D modelling. I just need to complete the others so I can post them up. Shouldn't be long!

Anyway its been emotional!

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