Thursday, 27 February 2014

Video Logs: "& Son" Tutorials - Week 19

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By the time week 19 rolled around we had 3 of the characters completely finalized and ready to go, the fourth character Bernard was something Stitch was going to battle in the coming weeks. In the meantime the goal was to have the main 2 characters rigged so story director Sammy could test the characters in Scenes and blocking various elements from the animatic. This was mainly so Sammy could do some testing while Stitch and Chrissie were in Prague sightseeing :P

Alan Tutorial


"After a brief discussion about Star Trek cookies we settled down and began talking about the content of my blog posts which were previously thought to be too long and self reflective. We moved on to a discussion about digital sets and Sammy's work on Benjamin's hair. Alan then advised that we place our models in the world to see how they look together (up until this point we hadn't tested it). From there we discussed rigging and skinning particularly around the coat tails of the characters. Alan pointed us onto the talented Ethan Shilling who could provide rigging advice for tech director Stitch."

Week 19 was again one of those weeks where we were feeling our way around some of the technical challenges we would have to face. Rigging being amongst the most important. Investigating the rigging methods is what took the longest. This was mainly because there were lots of different approaches and it was hard to say for certain what you had to listen up to in order to rig the arms a certain way and the legs another.

Week 20 Stitch was in Prague so there were no tutorials and in Week 21 he was sick... Just our luck really.

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