Thursday, 27 February 2014

Video Logs: "& Son" Tutorials - Week 17

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There have been a backlog of posts which have been gradually building from our team as they show the progress of rigs and various discussions between the Polydoodle team and our lecturers Alan and Phil. These are of course a few of many. Rest assured the backlog is being addressed as we speak and will hopefully be up to date by tomorrow. In the meantime please enjoy this posts as and when they materialise. This post is particularly a discussion Polydoodle had with Alan back in late Jan to Early Feb.

Alan Tutorial


"The discussion we had with Alan was firstly about celebrating the conclusion of our dissertations. Talks moved into getting the main 2 characters of our short finalised and fully rigged ready for the final 3D animation. The concern Alan had was with the fact that we had quite a few incomplete bits and pieces from the minor project which rolled over into the Major. Luckily we had a plan of action a timetable Sammy devised to keep us on track for the foreseeable future."

Anyway this week set us on course for the undertaking of our Major project which is essentially a complete 3D animation. Stitch was coming from the technical rig aspects while Chrissie and Sammy were creating the digital sets for us all to meet in the middle for the final animation.

Anyway that's what was discussed in Week 17 (2 weeks after the minor hand in).

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