Friday, 14 February 2014

Benjamin Texturing

This week has been all about bringing our 3D models to life. The past few weeks we have been experimenting with textures. Alan suggested in our last tutorial that we need to find a way to match the characters with the sketchy, papery feel of the environments. It worked for Paddington, in a live environment, but it might be hard to read in a 3D world.

Firstly we needed to find a texture that would match the hand drawn environments so we thought that a texture made from something else psychical would work best. We used pencils, pens, chalk and pastels and mixed the mediums together to create Benjamin's texture. We were using Benjamin because he is the most colourful. We made some sample patches on large thick paper so we would also benefit from the paper's texture. Then we scanned them in and then cut them up to in Photoshop to place over the UV map. Finally we posed Benji in an environment to see how the two played off each other...


Pastel and Chalk

Pastel and Chalk on Black Paper
Benji's UV Map


Full Body
Benjamin in Scene

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