Thursday, 27 February 2014

Video Logs: "& Son" Tutorials - Week 18

Hello Everyone,

Week 18 found Polydoodle looking at getting as many creative assets finalized as humanly possible. As Technical director Stitch prepares to dive head first into Rigging. In the meantime Story director Sammy and Art director Chrissie were off to do 2D animation tests with various environment and lighting passes to our 2D style digital sets. The process was a little slower then we had predicted especially with the Prague trip quickly approaching Chrissie and Stitch. Sammy would be the only working force for the 5 day trip.

Alan Tutorial


"Week 18s discussions began about the 2D aspects of our short in which it was agreed that testing had to begin for our 2D set. This lead onto a discussion about the digital sets. We discussed our timetable with Alan where Stitch thought rigging could be done in a week (doh). There was also some concern about the progress of the 3D models. Rigging methods were then discussed in a little more detail as many approaches were discussed. The discussion concluded with a discussion about the removal of the dissertation from the CG Arts course.... DONT DO IT!"

Spirits were high on week 18 as it had felt that things were still a bit all over the place with various tasks taking longer then we had previously envisioned. Never the less we were determined not the let the tasks beat us down... We would just have to consider more conservative ways to reach our goal and only create the bare essential of what was needed to make this animation happen.

We will make our deadline one way or another :)

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